Contemporary identity conflicts

What do we understand as identity?

Identity contains a series of attributes of the person, and these can be reflected in a legal, psychological and technological context

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Is identity reliable on XXI century?

When many of the social interactions take place through a screen, is easier to have a fake identity or an alias.

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Identity check at different situations

At some places, it will be needed to verify your identity: hospitals, government dependencies, police stations, airport and other terminals.

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Digital identification systems

Nations have their own and independent identification systems. That´s why there weren´t a universal way to identify people. Until now

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Controversial use of personal data on the Internet

Social networks and other services that use your data

Modern man has articulated an entire existence parallel to the physical plane: digital life, what is to say, social networks. Regardless of the tangible reality, although often related to it, the individual forms a series of habits, contacts and personality traits on the web that aren’t necessarily an exact reflection of their “offline” being. In […]

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What is a Social Identity Network?

A social identity network is a virtual instrument to build the identity of each person based on user participation. But how does it work?

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Privacy and data security

Data security and privacy are two cornerstones of a healthy online live. How can we measure that in modern society? Here are some tips

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Low credibility of online information

Low reliable and Fake News.

Not all the information available on the Internet is reliable because millions of people generate content that can be easily found on the internet. In the news world, this problem has escalated to an unprecedented level. That is all because we have more and more access to info, but also more uncertainty due to so-called […]

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Is all the information available on the Internet reliable?

Surely you have asked yourself if all the information available on the Internet is reliable. Hopefully you know that it is not: many people write on websites, blogs and social networks with multiple purposes, where ignorance and false lies coexist with investigation and honest reviews. However, when doing searches on Google. Possibly, you open the […]

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